Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Next Pressure Washing Job

Why you shouldnt diy pressure washing

If the exterior of your home looks dingy, then it's time for you to hire professionals to clean it up! Mastering pressure washers can be quite tricky, and this is why you should leave this to the pros.

Professionals Have Expert Training

How difficult can spraying water onto your vinyl siding or driveway be? Well, if you have the proper equipment, it actually isn't too difficult. The main concern is that water pressure is only half of the equation. Cleaning algae from your home's vinyl siding actually requires very little water pressure.

With concrete, you can actually strip the top layer off by using too much pressure. If you are brick cleaning, it is very easy to chip the brick, especially the spot where the brick meets the mortar.

By applying the correct chemicals at the correct concentrations, you can clean very effectively without using extremely high pressure. Not only can you avoid damages but the stains and grime will be cleaned away much more effectively.

You Might Worsen Damages

The higher the pressure, the more grime will get removed, right? The trouble comes in when you realize that you used too much pressure and left oxidation streaks all over the siding of your house! Similar mistakes happen due to a lack of pressure washing training and knowledge. Not all surfaces require the same cleaning techniques, and our pros know that.

You Could Injure Yourself

A hose that shoots out high pressured water can be a huge safety hazard. Most DIY homeowners don't have the equipment to pressure wash the second story of their home's siding from the ground, in which case the ladders come out, causing another safety hazard.

Hiring Professionals Saves You Time

Even if you know how to properly clean your home's siding with a pressure washer, do you really want to spend your entire Saturday pressure washing? Unless you have commercial-grade equipment, cleaning an entire home is a lot of work! The job that takes you six hours may only take us one hour. Consider the value of your time the next time you brush the dust off of the pressure washer and fire it up.

If you are in the Aberdeen area, consider Cornerstone HydroWash for your residential or commercial exterior cleaning needs!


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